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Placencia, Belize

Placencia is a town known as the home base for fly fishing in Belize. The hundreds of cayes and reefs off the coast as well as Placenica’s lagoon provide some of the best fly fishing in Belize.

You’ll find Permit moving up on to the pancake flats with the tide in search of crabs and shrimp, their dorsal and tail fins cutting the water just teasing you to deliver that cast of a lifetime.

The Tarpon move into many of the lagoons within the cayes at feeding time in search of glass minnows - one of their favorite foods. 
Your adrenaline will begin to flow as you see their bodies rolling and then crashing with a huge slam as they try to injure their prey before opening their bucket mouths and start sucking in the less fortunate.

Bonefish known for being spooky come up with the tide and spread across the sandy flats spotted with turtle grass. Their mirror like bodies reflect their habitat making them hard to see. but once you’ve got them in your sites a properly placed cast will reward you with a run like no other.

Charlie calls Snook “the day saver”. If the weather turns and makes fishing the cayes difficult it’s easy to turn the boat towards the big lagoon where you can work the edges of the mangroves for Snook. Casting along the shore can be nerve racking as you never know when a snook will explode from the water and take your fly without hesitation.
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an interview with Charlie Leslie
D. Roger Maves
An Interview With Charlie Leslie
D. Roger Maves An Interview With Charlie Leslie

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"Every permit is the fish of a lifetime, but you never forget your first. Thanks Charlie."

Fraser C. Heston

President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Agamemnon Films
"The best Permit guide I ever met.
Thank you!”

Mel Krieger

Legendary fly fisherman and author of ‘The Essence of Fly Fishing’

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